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In a world of so many choices, unique personal preferences and special features, every person or group of visitors wants their accommodation to be properly customized. If luxury is a way of expression and personalizing your experiences is a priority for you, THE ARGOLISTS offers VIP concierge services for your most sophisticated needs, giving you a unique travel experience.

Personalized tourist provisions, reservations at gourmet restaurants in Nafplio and Spetses, tips for cultural events, arrangement of a personal tour plan and moments of utmost secrecy during your stay and travel can become a reality if you trust our creative team.

Our goal is to meet your personal needs and provide you with excellent service during your stay in Argolida.

Services we provide

VIP nightlife

  • Access to invitation-only VIP events
  • Last-minute reservations at some of the finest clubs,
  • Party limo services
  • All-night body guarding escorts
  • Organization of private parties on board a superyacht
  • Reserving exquisite villas & iconic venues

Restaurant Booking

  • Make last-minute restaurant reservations at some of the finest restaurants
  • Arrange private dining experiences,
  • Book the best VIP tables
  • Gain access to exclusive, VIP guest-list only, events

Gourmet delivery

  • Immediate 24hour delivery of luxury gourmet products

Security Services

  • Reliable and discreet, high- quality Security Services 24/7
  • Home Security to VIP Transfers
  • Event Security
  • Body Guarding Services

Health & Wellness

  • Bespoke Spa Treatments
  • Personal Training
  • Exclusive Medical Services

Tailor made services

  • Take care of each and every one of your needs 24/7